Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Swallow study

Dylan had his swallow study today. He can swallow just fine and doesn't aspirate (I sure hope I have that word right) it into his lungs at all, but it seems to get him too tired. He's most likely using most of his energy in recovering from his surgery and such. So they are going to keep the feeding tube. The nurse said they will likely try to give him a little bit on occasion with a slow flow nipple to see if they can't build up his energy for eating. And they are going to pull out the feeding tube a little bit so that he will actually feel full and it should help his crankiness. But he is now off of most of his medications and just has one iv left (I think...that's all I saw, anyway). It's almost strange to see most of the pumps for the medications gone. Nice, but strange.

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Caden said...

That's wonderful! Most of the heart kids I know went home on a feeding tube. Caden was on one for a few months, but for a few different reasons. Its amazing how strong these little guys are. Sounds like you'll be going home soon!