Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kind of a way...

I've been thinking about how Jimmy spent three weeks in the hospital when he was born because he was premature. Dylan spent two weeks in the hospital. Jimmy didn't really have any problems, he just needed to gain weight and kept losing weight because he kept getting diarrhea. Dylan had open heart surgery. I just think it's kind of funny that Dylan's problem was more serious and he spent less time in the hospital. He came home from the hospital exactly one week sooner than Jimmy. (I know it was exactly one week because they were both born on a Friday and both came home on a Monday.) I really didn't expect Dylan to come home sooner than Jimmy had, but I will say that it's nice that he has.

There are things that were easier about Jimmy being in the hospital than Dylan, and things that were harder. Easier was that he was my first so I didn't have to worry about other children. Lyssa, in particular, started to have a hard time with my leaving her. Still doesn't like me to go places without her, or to go places without me. Russ took the older kids to church with him today while I was staying home with Dylan. Lys refused to go without me. Since Russ was having a hard time getting the others moving to go out the door, he let her win that one. I also didn't have the worry of Jimmy having major surgery. I did worry with his diarrhea though. At one point they stopped all feedings to try to get him over it. It was also harder with Jimmy because I was recovering from a c-section. Needed more rest than I got, which is probably why I ended up with pneumonia a little after he came home. In both cases, Mom helped out a lot. And that's all I say about that before I really start to ramble.

Dylan is doing better and better with taking a bottle. Most of the time he will take almost all, if not all of the bottle. Sometimes he even wants more. If he keeps this up, the speech therapist is going to push to get the feeding tube out. He told me that doctors tend to like to leave feeding tubes in for a while, where speech therapists want them out as soon as they can. I think I'm more with the speech therapist on this one. And I'm pretty sure Dylan is, too.


carolyn q said...

I don't think your words are ramblings at all, but really what you have gone through. . .that helps keep you sane because you can go back and revaluate it in your mind.
I am glad to read that Dylan seems to be doing well at home and that you are all adjusting.
Just wanted you to know I was checking in on you.
Heart Hugs,

Jared & Lisa said...

Exciting to see possitive progress. You can't help but to make comparisons, I did the same with Duncan and Jack and Jack and Dylan... Well, more like re-lived a little bit. I was a bit stressed for you, I know how it can be. But to have that inital everything past you is such a relief!