Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Upcoming doctor appointments

I was just thinking and thought that some of you might be wondering about my schedule of doctor visits I have coming up. I say visits because I have 3 separate appointments scheduled for the remainder of this month. Wouldn't be surprised if I get one more in there, too.

Anyway, this coming Thursday afternoon I have a regular checkup with my ob/gyn. This is where I wouldn't be surprised if I get one more appointment in. I figure he will probably want me to come back in two weeks, which would make it for the last week of the month. I really don't expect much with this appointment.

Then next week on Wednesday (the 18th) morning, I go up to Primary's and get a fetal echo cardiogram. This appointment should tell us the most out of all of the appointments regarding Dylan's heart defect. The doctor at the hospital who talked to us with the last ultrasound said they will tell us a lot of things and give us a lot of information and we will most likely need a translator afterward.

A week later, I go back to the hospital to get yet another ultrasound. With the heart defect, it can sometimes make it so that the babies are small and don't grow as well as they should. So the ultrasound is basically to check his growth and make sure he's still growing like he should. He was about average at the last appointment. I do know that if the babies are smaller when they are born, they tend to have a surgery pretty soon that helps them to be able to grow big enough to get the complete repair surgery. But so far he's growing just fine.

Those are the appointments I have so far. If you count taking Lys to the doctor last week, I get to go to the doctor every week this month. Fun, fun. Guess it just starts a little sooner than I planned.

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Jared & Lisa said...

Oh how I can relate. Wish it wasn't the case though. Good luck to you. The translator part, I think Primary will do a good job if you ask questions of explaining it. They even draw pictures. I guess I dissagree somewhat with your doctor, as far as needing a translator, accept for it's nice to have as many opinions as you can get to try and see a whole picture of the problem. So if you look at it from that perspective he's right.