Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Doctor Visit

I was pretty much right when I didn't expect much out of today's appointment. For the most part, it was just like any other doctor visit at this stage in pregnancy. Blood pressure is great, size is great. Oh, and I had 0 weight gain from my last appointment, which I always like. He did comment that he has some patients who would love to trade me. I thought, but didn't say, that I think that given the choice, they would pick weight gain over a baby with a heart defect. But it made me chuckle.

Dr. Steele did ask me to tell him what I knew about the problem. Apparently the doctor from the last ultrasound had written on his note to Dr. Steele that he thought it was one of two problems. Either the Tetralogy or (and again, I can't remember exactly what he said) something like an overriding pulmonary. I told him that the doctor really only mentioned the Tetralogy, so I'm thinking he was leaning more toward that. (Of course, when I enter overriding pulmonary valve in the search at, it pulls up Tetralogy of Fallot information. So I'm not concerned that the doctor wrote two things down. Figure I'll know more at the fetal echo anyway.) I told him when I get the fetal echo. He asked if I'm okay to deliver anywhere or if it has to be at the U (asking by saying I may not know the answer yet). I told him that the other doctor told me that we should know the answer to that one after the echo. He was glad about the timing of my echo because he does want me to come back in two weeks and that means that by my next appointment with him, we should know exactly where the baby will be delivered.

And that's about all there was to that appointment. Like I said, not much from this appointment. Should know more next week.

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Jared & Lisa said...

good to know there wasn't anything additional at this appointment. You're right about the echo, you'll know more then. They can't always see everything... they love to give out disclaimers. So, I would advise that even if they give a cheery report you still may want to consider delivering at the U, just for the fact that you'd be in the right place for the baby just in case (personal choice) but Jack's surgery was put off since his stress on his body wasn't discovered and he had to ride in an ambulance. It put extra problems on his liver and kidneys. But I'm sure you'll pray about it and go with your feelings. Every experience is different.