Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's ultrasound appointment

Dylan's face

Today's ultrasound appointment went well. Baby is growing just as he should and measures right on where he should. The doctor said that one reason they do the ultrasound rather than just check growth is to check for signs of heart failure, which there weren't any. Dylan's vsd part of truncus is sometimes hard to see. Kind of funny to see them looking at his heart and notice that there are times that you wouldn't even be able to tell that there is a hole there. I won't have another ultrasound, which is actually kind of nice. I do have another fetal echo coming up next month, but kind of nice to not have to worry about another ultrasound appointment.

Nope, instead I get to go and start doing the non-stress tests. The doctor today ordered them. I get to have one a week for the next two weeks and then go twice a week after that. Which probably means that the week I have the fetal echo, I will have 4 separate doctor appointments. Going to make the two appointments for this week seem nice. My first non-stress test will be on Tuesday, the 1st. I have never actually had one, so this is something else new for me this time around. Ah, well.

I figure the only one Russ will really need to be to will be the fetal echo. Which is nicer for him so he doesn't have to miss so much work when he doesn't have the vacation or sick time to use for it. He's saving his vacation time for after the baby is born.

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Stacey said...

Sounds like fun times for you. But aren't you glad they have all these ways to test to make sure he's doing okay so you don't have to worry about him quite as much? (Yes, I know you still worry, but there's that little relief there.)

And he looks like your other kids. :)