Monday, June 23, 2008

10th Anniversary

Friday was Russ and my 10th wedding anniversary. We figured since it would be the last chance we'd have for a while, that we would go overnight for it. Our parents were very nice and each took two of our kids while we went.

Russ bought a gift certificate for the Anniversary Inn from Costco and we went to the one up in Logan. We stayed in "King Arthur's Castle." Nice room. Just funny that we couldn't get the door unlocked at first. Russ went back to the front desk and had someone come help. The girl had a hard time, too, so it was nice knowing it wasn't just us.

We went to the Bluebird diner on Main street for dinner. It was pretty good. Russ got the country fried steak. I would have, but tend to like homemade better. Probably should have gotten the same as Russ. I tried a little bite of his. It was almost better than homemade. The initial reaction was that it tasted like a typical restaurant cooked one. But then the flavors kicked in. Russ asked the waiter what seasonings they put on it and he went and asked. Said it was simply garlic salt, regular salt and pepper.

I just thought it would have been funny if Russ had cut his hair while we were out since he had longer hair when we got married and cut it during our honeymoon. I don't think he thought it would be as funny as I did though, since he didn't do it.

Our quick little vacation would have been nicer if I didn't get sick that night. Took a while, but I managed to get a stomach bug the kids had a while before. I was pretty much sick all night and all day Saturday. Was happy that I felt better, but tired, on Sunday.

I know the kids had a lot of fun with their grandparents. They keep asking when they will get to do it again.


Jared & Lisa said...

Happy 10th! Wow time sure does sneak past me quickly. So much to get caught up in. Too bad you'd gotten sick, but neat that you got to get away for a bit. Congratulations from us!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe we've all been married 10 years - that seems like such a LONG time! I'm glad you guys got to do something fun!