Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lyssa's birthday and other things

Alyssa had her birthday on Tuesday. For lunch Mom (or Grandma Nold as Lys sometimes says) came up and we took the kids to McDonald's for lunch so they could play. (I know...McDonald's...woo woo.) Then we went to Toys R Us so she could get Lys a present. That was entertaining in itself. Jimmy pouted because she wouldn't buy him a game for the Wii. Molly cried because she wouldn't buy her a bike. Emma wanted a stuffed animal dog and was sad that she couldn't get it, but didn't pout and cry like Jimmy and Molly did. Lys ended up with a Fur Real baby monkey that she loves. On Saturday she will be going with Keith and Mryna to eat somewhere for her birthday. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday night when we had cake for her. In taking the pictures, I discovered that she is getting to the age of the cheesy grin when you tell her to smile. As you can probably tell.

Yesterday Lys had her 3 year checkup with the doctor. She can be really shy. Wouldn't say one word to the doctor. She'd giggle and smile at him, but wouldn't talk. Started to talk to me and stopped when she remembered he was still in the room. She chattered in the car the whole time I was driving after though. She is 36 1/2", which is pretty close to the average...just below it. And she is 30 pounds, which is right on the average. Don't need to take her back for another checkup like that until she's 5 and getting ready to start Kindergarten. Crazy.

I did mention to the pediatrician about Dylan and being diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot. He seemed happy that I will be getting a fetal echo cardiogram on the 18th, but did say that years ago it might have been a problem, but really isn't much of a problem anymore. Might have to have a surgery, but they can pretty much fix it and have no problems. Even problems that a few years ago would have basically been a fatal problem aren't anymore.

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