Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Scouts

Tonight for scouts I decided to have the boys come to my house instead of the usual meet at the church. I also had it an hour later and last a bit longer. Two of the boys will be leaving Webelos soon and need their Outdoorsman activity badge to earn their Arrow of Light award. The Outdoorsman badge has things like building a fire and cooking an outdoor meal. I had remembered that my neighbor had the boys go to her house last year before I was in Webelos and did basically the same thing I did tonight.

Thanks to Dave and Michelle for letting me borrow their standing fire pit thing, I was able to have the boys build a fire and then set up a tent (also a requirement) and then roast hot dogs and then s'mores. Following a little trick with s'mores I learned from Michelle, I put some of the chocolate on a plate near the fire to get it a bit melty. Of course, it was warm enough today that it didn't really need it. The chocolate got melty without being near the fire, but it actually tasted better with the chocolate near the fire. Of course, I wasn't thinking at first and failed to put the chocolate on the graham crackers and then on the plate. Let's just say that picking up very soft chocolate and putting it on a graham cracker isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

Jimmy, Emma, and Molly seemed excited about roasting hot dogs as well. I ended up roasting Emma's and Molly's for them and Jimmy roasted one for Lys. I don't think Russ ever did cook himself a hot dog. I happened to get him a copy of the book Twilight and he seemed more interested in reading that than roasting a hot dog. He did grin sheepishly when I brought him a s'more though.

I thought that generally, the activity went well and I think the boys had fun, which is what I try to make sure happens with scouts. Doesn't always happen though. But now that the den meeting for this week is over, I guess I get to focus on and worry about the fetal echo in the morning. Not really nervous about it yet....

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