Monday, October 1, 2007

October Birthdays

Since today is the start of a new month, I thought it would be a good time to wish everyone a happy birthday who is having a birthday this month. So happy birthday to Maddy, Dom, Livi, Bryce, Jenni and Kathryn!

Guess I could throw in there a happy birthday to Columbia Elementary. This year they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the school opening and are going to have a kick-off for the year-long celebration on Thursday. Apparently they are going to do something with rockets made from 2 liter bottles for each student attending this year. Also have t-shirts for all of the kids. A different color for each grade. Russ ordered an adult one for him. And kind of funny, he happened to order the same color that they have for the 3rd grade. He and Jimmy will match. And no, he didn't know that was the 3rd grade color when he ordered it. (Hey, I had to come up with something to make this longer than two sentences.)

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Michelle said...

They should have waited until Monday to go with Columbus Day! Sounds like fun!