Thursday, October 4, 2007

More with Russ and his job...

Russ called me this morning and said that he's a little stressed and kind of excited at the same time. Said Larry, the manager there, pulled him aside and asked him if he thinks he's ready to be over some accounts. He said he was, so Larry gave him the Kay Riley & Sons account. It will be his job to make sure they get everything they need and stuff like that.

Russ told me that one of the guys who picks up things for Kay Riley was in right after Larry talked to him so he said something to him about it. Russ has known this guy for a while. Russ said something like this guy knew he'd be working for Dal before he even really knew. Makes me wonder if they requested Russ to work on their account, since he seemed happy that Russ is.

Russ said that this, while being a little stressful because if mistakes are made, it's on him, has kind of reinforced his decision to work for Dal. Shows him that they have confidence in him and such. Something Contempo never really showed.

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Mike said...

Way to go Russ. Being uncomfortable and stressed is how you grow. It will be an excellent growing and learning experience for you. I know when I first got my new position a few years back, I was given the Legacy Theater upgrade project for the new Joseph release. I was sooooo stressed I lost 10 pounds and hardly slept. So, good job. Sounds like they have a lot of trust and confidence in you. Confidence is what will make you even better at what you do.