Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbia's 25th thing

Thursday evening, the elementary school held the kick-off for their year-long 25th anniversary celebration. They wanted the students there by 5:15 because they were starting at 5:30 and had each grade lined up and ready to sing. A little after 5:00, I decided to go ahead and head over even though Russ wasn't home from work yet. I thought he would have been home by then though. I decided to walk over with the kids, since we live close enough and knew that finding a place to park wouldn't be easy. Took the wagon. So I had the three girls and a blanket in the wagon, while I carried the camping chairs. I eventually handed Jimmy one of the chairs to carry. Got really heavy after a while.

Got everything set up and called and left a message on Russ' cellphone saying that I was over at the school and had a chair for him when he got there. Saw a neighbor and told her she could use Russ' chair. Being outside, it wasn't the easiest to see the kids all in their rows. Kind of fun with each grade having a certain color for their t-shirts. The kids sang their school song (I even noticed that Emma was singing), then they had a letter read from Jake Garn. Then some of the older kids put on a couple of skits about things that were popular when the school opened in 1982. Like records. And Thriller. They even did some of the Thriller dance. It was kind of funny. The kids then sang a song called "A New Day," which I thought went on for a very long time, but didn't have much to the lyrics. Russ showed up just as they were explaining how things were going to work for the kids to set off some rockets. The kind with the 2 liter bottles and using water and pumping air into them. All of the kids seemed to really like that part.

Afterward, we bought some pizza from there and some drinks. Russ then went to the playground with the kids while I stood in line for the cinnamon rolls. Really long line. Emma and Molly had said they wanted a cinnamon roll instead of pizza. Of course, while I was in line, Molly ate my pizza. Finally were able to get the cinnamon rolls and then we headed home. Unfortunately, dropped some of the cinnamon rolls.

Jimmy kept saying it was the most fun he'd had at a party. Probably just because of playing at the playground, but that's okay. Here are a couple of pictures from it.
If you look, you can see Jimmy. He's the one in the lime green just right of center, looking to the left with another kid looking at him.
Emma is on the front row, right about center.
Jimmy with his bottle, waiting in line.
Emma with her bottle right after shooting it off.

Alyssa and MOlly sitting in t heir chairs, waiting for the program to start.
Just threw this one in as proof that Russ actually made it for part of it. Note, he stopped and changed into his shirt that matches Jimmy's.


Stacey said...

So did he want to match Jimmy? He really needs to cut his hair. As I was scrolling down the pictures, I thought it was you at first. Until I saw more of his face, but still... Cut your hair, Russ! :-D

Cindy said...

He didn't actually try to match Jimmy. At Back to School night, they had order forms for adults to order the shirts if they so desired. Russ had already said he wanted to, so I called him up and asked which color he would want. He picked that color. It was afterward that I found out what color of shirt Jimmy would be having. Thought it was funny. And Russ' hair doesn't usually go forward like that. I think Lys managed to make his hair go forward. Russ did say that he would cut it when Linda gets engaged. So, Linda, get moving! :)