Thursday, October 25, 2007


Thought since I recently posted about Lys, it's only fair if I post about the other kids. Probably do it over time. Emma just seemed to be a good choice with being in kindergarten and how excited she is about it.
Emma loves school. The first day she went after they finished all of the individual testing, she practically skipped all the way home because she was so excited. Some days she still does that. Of course, she had been excited about starting school for a year. I had signed her up for a preschool for last year, but that ended up getting cancelled because the teacher was moving. I felt bad because she was very excited for that and I never could find another one for her.

She seems to be doing really well in school. Today she brought home her 6th reader book and sat down and read it all by herself. (She's supposed to read it three times before she turns it back in. She would actually be on her 8th or 9th, but forgot to turn them back in a couple of times.) She is still her quiet self (told me she doesn't talk at school), but seems happier or something since being in school. One night she told me her stomach hurt and I said she might have to stay home from school if it still hurt in the morning. She panicked. Did not want to stay home from school at all. Said she was fine from that point on. I thought it was funny.

Today was the exception of her seeming as happy when I picked her up. I finally figured out it was for two reasons. One being that I walked to get her instead of drive. I've been driving lately because it seemed to make my knee stop hurting to not walk to the school. She really liked being picked up in the car, apparently. But she wasn't really telling me what the other reason was. I kept asking her if she had a good day. When she didn't answer, I asked if it was a bad day. A neighbor was walking behind me and talking to her son and the boy who lives behind us. We heard her son tell her that they had a fire drill today. Emma pointed back at him, indicating that it was about what he said. I eventually got out of her that the fire drill scared her. I mentioned this to my neighbor, who laughed and said that her son cried when they did the fire drill today. So I guess Emma wasn't the only one it scared. She was happier after I figured out that she got scared today.

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Michelle said...

What a coincidence!! We had a fire drill today also. Ours did not go so well (it took about 15 min to get everyone out of the building) and the Director of HR commented on how children in an elementary could get out in 3 min, what was wrong with us. I just had to laugh a little to think that the two fire drills were happening at the same time. Please tell Emma that I didn't like it either, so it is a very normal thing. Have a great weekend!