Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Russ and his new job #..wait, I haven't been keeping track of how many....

Last night Russ told me that he almost wonders if they are giving him too much too soon at Dal. Robin, the guy he talked to the most about working for Dal, has made him in charge of ordering the caulks and the tools. And didn't tell him how to do that. Which is probably what is making Russ think too much too soon. I think the only reason he told me this was to explain why he wanted to try to go into work early today. So he can try to figure out how to order the things. Especially since they need to order more caulk now. He said Robin wants him to wait until after they do inventory next week to order more tools, but he's not sure they have enough to wait that long.

So now he's in charge of an account and ordering and keeping them stocked on caulks and tools. Maybe he should have started to work for Dal a long time ago.

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