Friday, September 28, 2007

Should we talk about the weather?

Can I just say that I love the weather lately? I am so glad it's not really hot anymore. Even though one day it's warm and the next on the chilly side, I love it! Kind of nice being a little cold on the chilly days, too. Jimmy and Emma have spent a lot of time lately out on the trampolene. During the summer they would wait until later in the day when the trampolene was finally covered by the shade of the trees. It's been nice enough lately that they don't have to wait for the shade. They often try to get Russ to go out with them after he gets home from work and even though he's tired and would rather not, he goes out with them. Kind of fun watching the 4 kids on the tramp with him.

I also find it funny how the weather forecast changes so much. I looked at the forecast online this morning and again a few minutes ago. It had changed. (Still forecasts a high of around 80 for today. I'm not sure we will make it that high. My house has stayed cooler today than it has for the past couple of days. Last I checked, it registered at 69.) Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be cold enough and stormy enough that there is a chance of some snow flurries mixed in with the rain. Even that sounds nice to me. I got very tired of the heat. Might have to let Russ make his chili tomorrow, like he's been wanting though. Maybe I'll pick up some hot dogs, too.

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