Thursday, September 6, 2007

Emma and Russ

Emma's first real day of Kindergarten was today. She seems to have really enjoyed her first day. Practically skipped the whole way home. She was excited as she told me she had music today and had recess. There are four boys from our ward in her class. Two yelled bye to her as we went down different streets in our neighborhood. She is excited about her little homework book she has. I really like the homework book. I thought it really helped Jimmy learn to read. Although Jimmy was a lot harder to get to do anything in his homework book. He would get frustrated and say he couldn't do it. Emma keeps asking when she gets to work some more in hers. She tells me that she's going to like it tomorrow, too. I decided to post a picture she colored today in class. She has gotten a lot better at coloring in just a few short months. (She told Molly that she didn't have any help at all with her picture.)
Today is Russ' third day at his new job. He says that he'll like it better once he learns everything and gets the new system down. The company is usually very busy (for example, today he was supposed to go to lunch at 11 but had a customer that needed help and wasn't able to get to lunch until after 12), more so than he is used to, which makes him wonder why he turned down an extra dollar an hour. Hopefully things will get easier as time goes on. He does find it funny that he throws off a lot of the contractors. They will come in and see him and wonder briefly if they are in the right place. They are used to him being at A.O.

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