Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cool Cones...

Today is Kaysville's annual Cool Cones & Cool Cars celebration. Which basically means a car show with entertainment and free ice cream cones by the clock tower. This is the 4th time they've had it since we've lived here and the first time we've made it over there for it. It was close enough that I decided we should just walk (see the post about being out of shape...).

After getting the ice cream cones, the kids stopped and listened to a story read by the man who started the ice cream cone tradition. He started it more as a family thing 20 years ago to celebrate the birthday of the ice cream cone. In 2004 the city took over when it was the 100th birthday of the ice cream cone. I let them stop and play a little by a fountain on the way home. They actually wanted to stop at the park, but I really didn't feel like staying a long time.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy.

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