Saturday, September 15, 2007

How out of shape ARE you?

Man, I am so out of shape. Enough so that I almost consider exercising. Probably won't actually happen until being out of shape stops being funny to me.

Take, for example, the fact that last week I was playing games with Jo, Kathryn and Lisa. I managed to pull a muscle in my thumb by shuffling the cards. Now who pulls a muscle shuffling cards?! Seems rather silly, myself.

I push my double stroller with Molly and Lyssa in it to walk over to the school to pick up Emma from her kindergarten class. They sometimes ask me to run. That, in itself, is laughable. I would call it more of a trot than a run, really. By the time I get to the school (granted, I don't "run" much along the way), I am usually a bit out of breath. And my knee has been hurting me for the last few days. Only thing I can come up with that would have caused it (besides a possible barometric change) is the short walk.

Then came today. Russ and I went to help out Dave and Michelle by setting some tile in their bathroom for them. I didn't do much, really. Mostly watched Russ work. I did make the tile cuts and stapled in a little bit of the mapalath. I got very tired just watching him. My wrist started hurting me there, and now is tight enough that it hurts to move it at all. Took me a while to figure out why. Next time I help Russ set tile, I'm not going to volunteer to mix up any of the thin set. I mixed up one batch. Hey, it was hard. For me, anyway.

I really should try to get into better shape. I'll consider it. After I finish off the rest of my caramel layer brownies.


Green Family said...

Your blog was actually motivating me to get out and exercise too, until you mentioned your famous carmel brownies. Now I HAVE to go have something sweet! Thanks a lot!

Stacey said...

If it's any consolation, my knee has been hurting me from walking to the bus stop to drop off and pick up Ben. And from taking Ozzy on walks. It starts doing that every time I start to think that I should start running again, either on my treadmill or outside. Psychological? Heck, no.