Saturday, September 1, 2007

A couple of happenings

Congrats to my nephew JD, who was baptized today! I thought I wasn't going to be able to make it to the baptism today because I was a little sick yesterday and kind of expected to feel worse today. Luckily, I felt better. Good thing, too. I really didn't want to eat the whole thing of the marshmallow brownies I made for the food after (don't worry...I used lots of hand sanitizer before making it). Also thought we were going to be late because we didn't leave when I thought we should. We still made it in time, and I didn't even speed. Well, more than what I usually do, anyway.

I thought the service was very nice. JD looked excited for his baptism. Chuckled to myself that the closing song was "I Am a Child of God" because Molly wanted us to sing that song as we drove to the church. Actually wanted us to sing it several times.

Yesterday was Russ' last day of working for Contempo. When he told Aaron that he decided for sure that he was going to quit, Aaron changed his last day to Friday since it was the last day of the month. So Russ will start working for Dal on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Russ said it was kind of sad saying good-bye to everyone. They did have a Mexican food lunch for him on Thursday. He cleaned out his desk that day, too. He did tell them when he left that he was sure he was forgetting something so would be back in sometime. Today he remembered what that was. He left a couple of hoodies and coats hanging up by his desk. Russ also said it was kind of too bad he didn't start working for Dal earlier. They have today and Monday off as paid holiday. Ah, well. Really hope Russ enjoys his new job and that things will work out better for him there.


Mike said...

Way to go Russ! I am excited for you. Hopefully you will have great opportunities to advance!

Michelle said...

We hope today went well for Russ. Good Luck!!!