Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SEP (aka Parent Teacher) Conferences

Today I had parent-teacher conferences for Jimmy, Emma and Molly. I scheduled them far enough apart this time that I could go home in between and not have to drag everyone along for them. Jimmy wasn't really happy about that. Says he likes having everyone go. Mostly he wanted to show off Dylan to his teacher.

They have changed how they do them a little bit. For the kids older than kindergarten, anyway. They have the student kind of lead the conferences and show their own reports and things. Makes it a little more entertaining.

Since Molly's conference was first, I'll start with her. She was the only one who didn't bring home a report card last week. Her teacher likes to go over them at the conferences, which I was aware of so I wasn't surprised when Jimmy and Emma brought theirs home and she didn't. They've changed the grading system this year so they get a 3 for at or above grade level, 2 for below, and 1 for far below. Molly got all 3's except for one 2 for not knowing a few letter sounds. I quizzed her on those sounds on the way home and she knew them. Said she just gets nervous when she's asked in class what the sounds are. Her teacher said she's very nice and a very good artist. Said she really likes her cousin who is in her class.

I got home with Molly and remembered that I hadn't filled out a couple of papers Emma's teacher wanted taken to her conference. Luckily I had a few minutes and filled them out quickly. Emma is also doing really well. She is doing math a little above where they should be at this point. Which is nice since math is her favorite subject. Her reading level is right where it should be. She just needs to work on starting her work when she's told. She hasn't had the problems of not finishing work like she did in kindergarten and 1st grade though. She is starting to talk a little more. Emma seemed excited to read to me a story she had written in class titled, "The Trouble with Big Brothers." I thought it was a cute little story. She even put the Plants Vs. Zombies computer game into her story. She hadn't had that graded yet or else she would have been able to bring it home. Her teacher gave me a copy of a skills test Emma took. Her scores on that were nearly 100%.

Jimmy's conference was last. We got there a little early so we could stop by the book fair. Then we went to his classroom where we waited for about 20 minutes for the people ahead of us to finish up. While we waited Jimmy pointed out which picture of parents hanging on the wall across from the classroom the one he had done. I wasn't sure what to expect from his since he had such a long list of missing assignments but it went really well. Of course, she found two of his missing assignments just before the conference. He is reading well into a 6th grade level. Two months ago he showed reading nearly 2 grade levels lower. So he's improved a lot there. He's typing faster than level and his math is slightly above level as well. I was given a copy of his IOWA test. Most of his scores fell in the high average range. Jimmy says his conference rocked.

All in all the conferences went well. Kind of nice to have them over with too. Now to get them to do their homework...

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