Monday, November 2, 2009


All of the kids were very excited for Halloween. I couldn't tell you how many times Lyssa asked me when they could go trick or treating. Jimmy went with a friend and so I didn't get a picture of him in his costume...he rushed out the door too fast and had wiped off the makeup before he came home. Emma also went with a friend but stayed in her costume so I could get a picture of her after she got back. I took Molly, Lyssa and Dylan around. Dylan seemed happy just to be on a walk.

Here are the pictures of the others in their costumes. Jimmy was a zombie. Wish I could have gotten a picture of him. Here's Dylan in his monkey costume:
Lyssa as Batgirl.
Molly was a fairy. Russ added the makeup around her eyes.
Emma was a candy corn witch.
Just for fun, I'm throwing in this picture of Dylan happily getting suckers out of his candy bucket.

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Monica said...

Those sure were some great costumes for the kids. They all looked great. It is to bad that we don't get to see Jimmy in his but I'm glad that he had a good time with his friends.