Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dentist Appointments

Way back in September (which really wasn't all that long ago), I made dentist appointments for my kids for cleanings. Which got postponed because of a stomach bug. Then postponed again because of flu and strep. Then postponed again because I decided they had missed too much school with being sick and wanted a time where they could go without missing school. That turned out to be today. And I changed Jimmy's for Friday so he could go to a birthday party.

Molly was the most nervous, which is a big change from usual. She's my child who doesn't even flinch when she gets a shot. Emma wasn't nervous at all. Lys was bouncing because she was so excited about her turn. Dylan just liked their fun house mirror.

Admittedly, my kids don't brush as well as they should so I expected them to have cavities. Especially Molly. She's gone from my best brusher to one of my worst. I was right. Emma and Lys each have two teeth with cavities. One of Lyssa's I could easily see. Her front teeth didn't seem to have enamel on them when she was born because as soon as they started coming in, they started to break down and get cavities. So the reason her teeth look so good is because they're fake. She has a partial for her front teeth. The one I could see was next to the partial. Her other one is just a small one. Emma has two small ones, but they want to put in a spacer where her tooth was pulled and she hasn't wanted to let them take a mold at all. Molly has 4 cavities. The hardest one for them to fill will be one that is growing around a filling, so they'll have to take out the filling and start over with it.

Emma and Molly both panicked at the thought of getting work done on their teeth so they will have the sedations. They've scheduled Lyssa for a sedation appointment but will try to do it without sedation first since she seemed like she may actually be okay with it. I think Emma would be okay with it if she hadn't just had her tooth pulled. On the way to the dentist she mentioned that it hurt a little to get her tooth pulled. I also think Molly would be okay, but she was the hardest one today. She tried to run when it was her turn for the cleaning.

Shortly after getting home, I heard Molly tell Jimmy (who decided to come home from his party early) that the dentist was fun. They loved getting new toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. But most especially loved getting a token for a small toy.

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