Saturday, November 28, 2009

Emma's Baptism

As is obvious by the title, Emma was baptized today. She was very excited about getting baptized. She was supposed to have her baptism interview with the bishop on Tuesday but she had gotten sick and so didn't have it until last night. In a way I was amazed she answered the questions. She sometimes doesn't like to answer when people ask her things and will just kind of grunt. Not this time. She answered very easily and well.

When we got to the church building for her baptism, the church was locked and no one was there. Since we were having her baptism on a different day than they normally have them, I was almost afraid that they had forgotten and wondered what we were going to do. Actually, I was more worried that the font wouldn't be filled and we would have to sit around and wait while it filled. We didn't have to wait long though.

I thought her baptism service was very nice. I had actually forgotten until it was announced that I was saying the opening prayer, which is funny since I'm the one who gave the list of who was speaking and prayers and such. Emma asked her grandmothers to give the talks on baptism and on the Holy Ghost. I thought they both did good jobs. Emma, of course, wanted her dad to baptize and confirm her. Jimmy gave the closing prayer.

After the baptism we all headed over to Emma's favorite restaurant for lunch. We had such a large group with us that I wondered briefly as I was leaving if they were glad to see us go.

Russ and Emma in baptism clothes:
Our family after the baptism:


Jared and Lisa said...

cute fam pic, sorry we missed it... we were and still are dealing with sick kids. Thought it best not to share. :) Jack goes in for his echo on the 5th? I think friday, guess I need to check.

Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?