Monday, January 21, 2008

More Scout stuff...

Last week in church, they reorganized the primary presidency. And while they were at it, called my next door neighbor (who was the Webelos leader...I was one of the assistants) as the junior primary chorister. I knew then that it was inevitable that they would be releasing her from Webelos (she had been in scouts for about 8 years now). Well, Saturday night Bro. Carlson, one of the bishopric, came over to ask if I could accept the calling as the Webelos leader. There is one other lady in Webelos, but she doesn't speak English very well so they didn't ask her. They will eventually be getting another person to help out. They want me to suggest some names for that. So far, I haven't come up with any. Russ came up with one right away and told Bro. Carlson who he thought. Of course, the first people I think of just got put into the primary presidency. But I guess it really won't be that different since I did all of the planning for this month and did the bulk of the planning for the previous couple of months. Or at least came up with the main ideas that we did. It should be fine for now, at least. Don't know how it will be in about 6 months though.
I just worry about tomorrow. I have scouts at 4 but take Molly and Lys in to the dentist in the morning to get work done. Russ should be coming home from work a little early so that we don't have to have the neighbor girl watch them. Not sure that they will be happy with me leaving, but probably better for Russ than for the neighbor.

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