Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just got home from taking Molly and Alyssa to the dentist. Lyssa's appointment was supposed to be at 10 and Molly's at 10:30. Since they were both sedated, they weren't supposed to eat or drink anything before the appointments. I got there a few minutes before 10. And sat and sat and sat. Probably about 10:40 they finally took Lys back. About 15 minutes later, they sedated her to start the work and I went back out with Molly to wait for her turn. Another 20-25 minutes later they took Molly back. Poor kid was very thirsty and hungry. And started to really not want to be there. Had to take her back kicking and screaming. Turns out she just didn't want the "nose" (the gas). So she didn't get that. Lys was back in the recovery room before the dentist came in to give Molly the medicine to sedate her. Once she was sedated, I went in with Lys, who was quite upset and out of it. She calmed down with me there but almost immediately started to say that she wanted to go home.
After a while, they brought Molly in to the recovery room. Lys wanted to sit with Molly, which actually made it easier for me. Once Molly finished her popcicle and such, we were able to go home. I had to stop and pay and schedule Lys to go back in to get the last thing done, which luckliy, she won't have to be sedated for and should go pretty quickly. Of course, while we were waiting there, Lys hurled. Has since hurled at home, too.
They pulled Lyssa's front four teeth, which didn't surprise me. They were very bad. They are going to put in a partial there so she will have something (which is what I am to go back for once her gums heal up from the teeth pulling). If she were older, we wouldn't bother, but it will be a few years at the soonest that those teeth will come back in. At least this way she'll still be able to eat corn on the cob, which she loves. Poor Emma has had a hard time eating that without her front two teeth. Guess three since she lost another top one a while ago.
Molly has seemed to do pretty well. I think she's just happy that she doesn't have to go back again. I know I am. I never have liked the dentist.

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Jared & Lisa Quan said...

Ouch. I'm not looking forward to all the dental stuff my family needs to go do as well. It seems like we just paid off the last round and it's time to do it again.