Friday, January 25, 2008

More Russ work related stuff

Russ told me the other day that a contractor came in who went to Mexico with Contempo (it's a contest thing Contempo does...if a contractor buys so much tile from them, Contempo pays for a trip to Mexico for them). Said he kept trying to get Rich to tell him things about Russ and E leaving Contempo. He said that no matter how much he pressed, Rich didn't say a single bad thing about either of them. Just said that they lost some of their best guys and are trying to recover, but aren't going to hire anyone to replace them.
Of course, Russ told me today that Mossy heard that Contempo is going to be closing AO. They have been moving a lot of stuff down to the main Contempo and things along those lines. Which would make sense then, that they wouldn't hire anyone to replace Russ, E, and Mossy. Guess AO isn't doing very well since they left.

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Stacey said...

Makes you glad that they at least realized that they were good, huh? And probably glad that he's switched so he doesn't have to wonder what he's going to do. Although if he hadn't left (along with Mossy and E), maybe they wouldn't have to be closing AO, huh? Oh, and you left out a word in there. I'm thinking it was "lost." :)