Wednesday, December 5, 2007


While searching through the house for a spare pacifier for Lyssa, I found our missing camera! Yay! Of course, I have since discovered that our new camera takes a different sized memory card. Either that or I'm just dumb and can't get it to go in. I'm voting on the first since the manual said something about a photo card. Of course, I had looked where it was when I first discovered it was missing, just not deep enough. I found it between cushions of our couch. Just kind of shoved down into the hide-a-bed a bit so it wasn't easily seen. And when I looked at the pictures that were on it, I assume it was Jimmy who had it last (as usual).

I also broke down and put up some Christmas lights today. Didn't feel like getting up on the ladder and putting them along the roof line like usual, so I just put the ones that we have for the bushes and a shorter strand along the porch. It seems that when I find one thing, I lose something else though. I now can't find my thingamajig that you screw in where the porch lightbulb goes that has the places to plug in power cords so I can plug in the lights and control them with the switch. I know I have two of the things since I couldn't find the one last year and bought a new one and found the old one as soon as I got home with the new one. So while I have the lights put up, they aren't plugged in or anything. Ah, well. Maybe Russ will know where they are. And maybe I can get him to help put up the Christmas tree today. I'm thinking both are unlikely, but worth a shot, right?

Thanks again to Mom and Myrna for taking our kids overnight when Russ had his work party. It was much appreciated.

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