Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dentist...sort of

I took Molly this morning for her dental appointment. Things started out well enough (even though I haven't received the dental insurance cards yet...I printed up proof from the internet and that worked for now). Then they took her back. Asking the usual questions, they asked if she has a cough or runny nose or any congestion at all. Well, she's had a cough for a little bit and sneezes occasionally. Lyssa has an obvious runny nose, but Molly doesn't. After the dentist looked at her, he suggested that we postpone her appointment, as it is a sedated one. Her lungs sound fine, but she does have a little bit of drainage (which is probably causing the cough). He explained that when they are sedated and have some congestion, it tends to get worse. And if the drainage hits the vocal cords, they react by closing off the airway, which isn't good. He basically said, "If it were my child, I'd postpone it because the teeth aren't so important to risk it."

I rescheduled for 2 weeks for the 19th. And I'm hoping she is better by then. But at least this way I should have the dental card when I go and won't have to make another trip to the dentist to give them that.

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