Tuesday, December 11, 2007

People are nice

Tonight as I was laying on my bed (I've had a bad cold the past couple of days...starting to feel better, but not nearly as bad as I used to be), the doorbell rang. I went and answered it to find some guy I didn't know standing there, holding a wrapped package. Okay, I looked up to find him standing there. He was pretty tall and I'm short. Anyway, he looked at me and said, "This is for Cindy," and handed me the package. I was taken off guard so said, "Oh, okay, thanks," and took the package from him.

The girls were thrilled. It was a present! They wanted to help open it! The present was nicely wrapped, complete with a card and a felt-ribbon bow. I decided to open the card first. Since surely the guy gave it to the wrong Cindy. The card was a simple card with a lamb on a hill overlooking Bethlehem and the star. The inscription inside read, "May the quiet peace and gentle love of the first Christmas be yours today and always." Not that the inscription really has anything to do with the story. Just thought I'd tell you what it said. Anyway, someone had written in the card, "Merry Christmas Cindy. We hope this fits. From Secret Friends."

I decided to go ahead and let the girls help open it. Emma and Lyssa each took one end of the ribbon to untie the bow and then Molly untied the knot. They eagerly watched as I unwrapped the paper to find a JC Penney clothing box. I opened that to find a very nice black skirt and a white turtleneck sweater. Lyssa started jumping around and asked if it were for her. Even started trying to take off her shirt so she could try it on. I took them downstairs to where Russ was sitting at the computer and showed him. I then took them and tried them on. They fit quite nicely, actually.

The point of this whole thing is to say that people are nice. Yes, I do wonder who did it, but I also know that part of the fun is in the not knowing. Even though I'm sure I'll spend some time trying to think of who it could possibly be (don't have a clue at this point). So if anyone who reads this is the person(s) who did it, thank you very much.

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