Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TV (Useless?) Info

I came across an article online today that stated that Monk and Psych will air on NBC on Sunday nights in March. Wonder if they will start from the beginning of each of those shows, or if they will air the latest season (which resumes on USA Network in January). I assume they won't be new episodes because of the strike (which is why they are going to air the shows). Of course, if NBC follows suit of how they usually do things, the shows won't get the instant ratings they want and so will pull them from the schedule without giving them a chance to build an audience. Yes, I'm actually complaining about another show that NBC is doing that to. Journeyman. Wednesday night will be the final episode of the show. I quite enjoy the show and will be sad to see it go. But such is life. Ah, well.

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