Monday, December 10, 2007

Ward Christmas party/Santa

Saturday night was our ward Christmas party. We had a good time. They had activities just for the kids and homemade soups for the dinner. I actually don't think they expected as many people to go to it as did. They ran out of the paper bowls and had to get some of the bowls from the kitchen. Ran out of rolls, too. They also had a big jar of bubble gum and had the kids guess how many were in there. The closest would win the jar, and the next closest would win a bag of gum. Jimmy guessed 300 but didn't put his name on his paper. There were 303 in the jar. One girl guessed right on. Another boy guessed 300 like Jimmy did, and so he got the sack. His family was nice though (well, nice for Jimmy..maybe not so nice for us) and came over to our house after the party and gave him some of the bubble gum.

We had taken the kids over to Bowman's earlier to see Santa (Santa comes on one Saturday and they give free pictures...we pick them up Wednesday), but they were still excited to see Santa there. Lyssa wasn't though. She wasn't thrilled about sitting on Santa's lap at Bowman's. She was actually better sitting on Santa's lap at the party. At Bowman's she wouldn't even look at Santa and pretty much frowned the whole time. Could be that she was better at the party because I told her that Santa had a small gift for her.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the party.

This first one was actually the best picture we could get. Only one where they were all at least sort of looking toward the camera.
Put this on as an example of another where only Jimmy was looking at the camera.
This one was supposed to be of the kids in line to sit on Santa's lap, but Lys came running up as I took the picture so it didn't quite turn out like I hoped. They never were quite in line like that again.

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