Saturday, December 29, 2007

Molly and the dentist

I was finally able to take Molly for her sedated dentist appointment this morning. I've had to reschedule two appointments because of colds. But this worked out because Russ didn't work today so could stay home with the other kids.

Molly was all happy when we got there. Did very well for the x-rays they took so they could have updated ones. Clapped when they were done. Grinned and was all happy up until the point where they gave her the numbing shot before giving her the sedative. She really did not like that at all. But the sedative worked quickly and I went out to the waiting room while they worked. They came out to get me sooner than I expected. She woke up pretty fast and kept trying to sit up so they couldn't do any more work on her. They said if I reschedule with certain dentists, I will get in sooner, but will likely have to come back two more times. If I reschedule with the owner/dentist, it will be longer before I can take her back, but will only have to take her once. Russ thinks we should opt for the sooner and two more times. I'm not sure because I don't know that I want to put her through this two more times, but I can see the advantages of going in sooner and being able to come home a little sooner than if we go for the one. Obviously, I haven't rescheduled yet. They had me move the car to the back door so I could carry Molly out of the recovery area and straight to the car, so I didn't go by the front desk.

Molly kept asking when we could go home when we were in the recovery area. She's still a bit loopy. They had her eat some of a popcicle and drink some water and waited about 10 minutes to make sure she could keep it down. Of course, she hurled on the way home. But she's happier at home. Just have to take it easy for a bit today.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Molls. Of course she would wait to hurl until she's in the car. I think I would opt for later when it's done all at once, but that's me. I hate going to the dentist.