Sunday, September 13, 2009


Dylan has been a little stubborn about not wanting to walk. I guess he's just been too good at crawling to care about walking. But over the past couple of days, he's seemed to really be wanting to walk more. The following video was taken tonight. Shows how he's gone from taking one, maybe two steps before leaning over for a hand to grab to full out walking. Still a bit wobbly though. Russ calls it the "zombie walk."

At the very end of the video Dylan looks like he's kind of attacking the camera. He was. He wanted to watch the video I had just taken. Grabbed the camera and sat down on my lap to watch it. It really was funny.


Monica said...

YEAH!!! He is doing really well. That was so much fun to watch. I just love how Russ calls it the Zombi walk, too funny.

Andrew said...

Wow I remember when that was Jimmy!! I swear he looks just like him!! :) That's so cute!! I like his little zombie walk!!

Linda said...

That is so cute! He does look a lot like Jimmy. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since my first nephew came into this world! Man I'm old!