Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Russ

Yep, today was Russ' birthday. I think he had a good day. Despite having to go to work today.

He wasn't expecting anything when he got home so he was happy when the kids greeted him with presents. I took them to the store while he was at work and before Molly was back from her birthday sleepover with her grandparents. There was a little bit of whining and even though I told the girls to go to the bathroom before we left they didn't so needed to go almost as soon as we got to the store. Which meant I took longer at the store than I planned. At least I got home before Molly did.

I had planned on going out with Russ tonight for his birthday until last Sunday when he told me there was an Elder's Quorum party tonight. We went to that instead. First time I've been to one where they served steak. It was fun. We got to know some new neighbors better and listened to BYU lose. Which, I must say, helped me feel better about the Utes losing today. Several at the party wished Russ a happy birthday. One of Jimmy's friend's birthday is today as well, so word spread faster that it was his birthday than it otherwise would have, I think.

Anyway, happy birthday Russ! I look forward to spending the next 35 years with you.

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