Saturday, September 26, 2009

School's 5K/Walk-a-Thon

The school had a 5K and Walk-a-thon this morning. We've known about it for a long time now. Kids didn't seem interested, which I didn't mind since the race started at 8 and registration at 7. Then a few days ago Jimmy started to say that he wanted to do it. I said nothing in hopes that he would forget. Yesterday he mentioned it a few times. I hoped that pretending not to hear would get him to change his mind. Then he started to mention it to Russ. Which gave me hope that Russ would take him and I could happily stay home. I'm not really a morning person and that sounded really early to me. So when Jimmy kept coming in this morning trying to get Russ up, I finally got up and took him over to the school for it. Jimmy wanted me to walk with him so we opted for the 5K rather than the walk-a-thon.

Let me just say now that I am out of shape. I have been taking Dylan on long walks about every night, but nothing that is really good exercise. I pictured writing a post about how I nearly died and how hard it was as I barely made it at an easy jog to the first turn of the run. But it wasn't as bad as I pictured after that. Mostly walked it, but when I could get Jimmy to, we would run for a bit. I ran the last little stretch while Jimmy slowly walked. Yes, Jimmy was the very last one to finish. He was tired and swears that he will never do that again. I would have actually liked to have run more than we did. And think I'm insane for starting to think that it would be good to get up early in the mornings before Russ leaves for work and go run about what I did today. And thinking that I'm insane for thinking it, I probably won't. I will probably just continue to take Dylan on his nightly walks.

And just so you know, chucks are not the best shoes to wear for a 5K. But I hadn't been able to find my running shoes. Which I regretted not long after starting.

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