Monday, August 31, 2009

Molly's First Day and Family Trip to the Library

Today was Molly's first day of kindergarten. She really liked it. She was excited as she stood in line with her class to go in. Very cheerfully waved bye to me as her class went in. But man, I got a good hug from her when she got out. She told me she liked it and said no when I asked her if she did work today. Guess she doesn't think of what they did as work. She said she played at recess and watched a video and things like that. I think she's excited to go back tomorrow.

After the classes went in, the PTA held a "Boo Hoo" breakfast for the parents of the kindergarteners in the library. Most of the parents in there said they should change the name to a "Yahoo" breakfast. I think it's a fun thing to do. They started it the year Emma started kindergarten.

After dinner tonight we finally took the kids over to get library cards. I got one a couple of years ago for Jimmy and me and about two months later the library switched to the county system and so the cards I got were no longer valid. It's taken me this long to get over and get new cards. We live close enough that we walked.

I didn't realize how excited the kids would be about getting library cards. I was helped at the desk to get the cards as Russ took the kids back to look at books. Russ told them they could each get two books. I didn't hear that or else I would have told Molly that as she carried around a stack of books. She's easy to please. She picked out books with cats on the cover. She ended up getting 5 books. Lys got 2, Jimmy got 3 and Emma got 1. Russ and I each got 2. I was very happy to discover a new book out by Terry Brooks. I hadn't realized he had a new one. The other one I got was one for the kids. I saw it and had to get it. It was Huge Harold by Bill Peet. I loved that book as a kid. (Although there was another Bill Peet book I liked better.) I loved it enough that apparently I hid it from myself and told convinced myself that I had returned it to the school library. Enough so that I even argued with her when she said I hadn't returned it. Felt kind of bad in the middle of the summer when I found it in my closet.

At one point Russ set Dylan down in the children's section. He was just as excited as the rest. He quickly crawled from shelf to shelf looking at all of the books. And pulling several out in the process. Makes it tricky to try to help find a book for someone when he is doing that. In case you were wondering.

After the kids checked out their books we walked across the street to a dessert place and got soft serve ice cream cones. They have a special on Monday nights where a soft serve cone is just a quarter. So when Molly took two steps with hers and the ice cream fell off the cone, it wasn't that bad. Made it easier, actually. We gave what was left of hers to Dylan and got her a new one. Dylan didn't make quite as big of a mess that way.

The problem when we got home was getting the kids to go to bed. They wanted to stay up and read their books. I'm thinking next time we go to the library, we go before dinner so we don't have that problem again.


Monica said...

What were some of the books called that the kids ended up getting?

Cindy said...

The girls just got some children's books. Molly picked out ones with cats on the cover. Jimmy got some dragon moon or (something like that) books.