Monday, August 3, 2009

Dylan's 1 Year Checkup

I took Dylan in for his well check today. Which was good, because he's a little sick. Yes, I get the irony of taking a sick child to a well child check-up. I joked with his doctor a little about it and he smiled and said that it's better than taking them home and having them get sick right after the appointment. Anyway, he said he sounds a little like he's starting into croup so gave us a prescription to try to prevent him having a bad night. Said that if he has a good night that he won't need the medicine tomorrow. Here's hoping he has a good night tonight. He didn't have a very good night last night.

Other than that, he looks good. He is right about average for height and weight (30 inches, 22 lbs, 10 oz). His head size is just below the 90th percentile. Cracks me up because Jimmy had a big head when he was little, too.

Dylan, of course, was not happy with much of anything today. He smiled at the doctor, but really didn't want him to touch him. So cried all the while he was being examined. And cried some more for the shots he got. Was upset enough that he fought me getting him dressed again. Poor kid. You'd think with all that he has been to the doctor that he wouldn't mind getting examined. Ah well.

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