Sunday, August 30, 2009

Erin's Slumber Party a.k.a. Girl's Night Out

A local radio station held its 8th annual "Erin's Slumber Party" last night. Michelle won some tickets to it and so she, Rebecca, Jo and I went to it. I started to wonder about how well I would like it when I saw the crowd. It didn't take too long for things to settle down and the crowd didn't quite seem so bad anymore. Granted, there was still quite a line at the chocolate fountain. I'm just surprised that they still had brownies and eclairs left at the Dick's Market booth by the time I found it. Let's just say that everyone had quite a sugar rush going from all of the sweets there.

We did stop and get our pictures taken at a photo booth. I would post them here but I don't actually have them. Jo does. Which is probably a good thing. They are very silly pictures.

They had some break out groups scheduled. We looked at the schedule and picked 3 that sounded like they could be interesting. Only managed to make it to 2. I'll get to explaining how me missed the last one later.

The first break out group we went to was one put on by about an upcoming convention/party for the release of the New Moon movie. I admit it. I liked the Twilight books. I'm among a small group whose favorite of the series was the last. I had a hard time not snickering through the entire presentation. One did escape when they were showing part of a music video from a Twilight tribute band. It was nearly as cheesy as the Twilight movie was. I am a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek but snicker at the tribute bands for those as well, so don't think this is anything new for me. I just think tribute bands to movies or tv shows is downright silly. At one point I noticed one of the presenters taking a picture of the group listening. Okay, it looked like the camera was pointed right at me. Unfortunately, I had no where to hide. Sigh.

The next break out group immediately followed the first so we just kept our seats. It was called "Finding your Angels" or something like that. This one was along the lines of "Crossing Over" if you've ever seen that. A couple of my neighbors attended that one as well. After it ended, one said to me that when she said something about a dog showing up she expected her to say it was a really big one and then I would raise my hand that it could belong to me. But no, it was a small dog.

The reason we missed the last group we wanted to attend (which was the Wasatch Paranormal Society) was because we had decided to wait in line to get a "reading" by the group who did the Angel thing. The line was very slow moving. (Just so you know, I don't put a lot of stock in things like this. I know they are very general and can be made to fit about anyone. I did it purely for entertainment value.) When I was standing in line, the same neighbor from before stopped and said, "Oh, Cindy, the lady who read me had a message for you. She said there are three more children for you." I have to admit, that was pretty funny. But NO WAY is that happening. Anyway, I am still chuckling about my reading. The lady who did my reading kept commenting about things that she had never had happen before. Like she could smell a very male scent like someone's after shave. And read things out of a little book that she hadn't read before. The part I'm still chuckling about is that she basically told me I'm psychic. I chuckled to myself and thought, "So I wasn't teasing when I told people I have evil psychic twin powers?" I also laughed when we were on our way home and Russ sent me a text message asking how things were going and I wrote back that I learned that I was psychic and told Michelle that he would respond, "We already knew that." Which he did.

Okay, so that was really the main thing I wanted to share because I find it very funny. Telling Jo and Michelle separately that I was basically told I was psychic they both responded the same. "Oh, so next time I want a reading I can just go to you." And we all laughed....

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