Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

It's official. School is back in session. Jimmy was practically bouncing off the walls this morning. He claimed he was just excited to see friends again. Emma had her backpack on and was ready long before it was time for them to go.

I did laugh that Jimmy and Emma wanted to walk today even though I would be driving over for Molly's kindergarten orientation. I let them. Figured if they really wanted to walk, more power to them. Of course, I did have them wait for the annual first day of school picture.

Here's Jimmy's.
And Emma's.
And Molly's. I know Molly doesn't really start for another week, but since she did go today included her with the pictures.
I decided to take a couple of pictures at the kindergarten orientation.

Maddy and Molly. I think Molly is really going to like having her cousin in her class.


Monica said...

That is going to be way fun for Maddy and Molly to be in class together. It sure is wonderful how that worked out. I also had no idea that Maddy's family lived that close to be in the same school as Molly.

Linda said...

I'm so happy that Molly and Maddy are in the same class. I think they will become best friends!!!