Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last Day of Summer Vacation

It's official. Summer is over. School starts up again on Monday. Jimmy will be starting the 5th grade, Emma will be in the 2nd grade, Molly will (not really for another week though) be starting kindergarten and Lys will be starting preschool. The main thing I remember about preschool is doing the Hokey Pokey. I remember a few things about when I was in kindergarten. Stacey was in my class. We had Mrs. Kemp. She gave everyone a birthday "spanking" when it was their birthday. Something that would never be allowed today. I remember really liking the 2nd grade. Stacey wasn't in my class. For some reason they didn't like to put twins in the same class past kindergarten. My teacher was Mrs. Turpin. I remember thinking when the space shuttle Challenger exploded that the teacher who was on it looked a lot like her. I pretty much remember the most about 5th grade. Stacey was back in my class that year. Who knew that a short note on the back of the registration cards asking that we be in the same class would work? Okay, my main memory of the 5th grade is putting on a play for the school. Santa in Ozland. I played the Wicked Witch. Mostly because I could cackle. Stacey played the good witch. I spun off the stage and Stacey would spin back on. A friend's mom thought we were the same person and was totally amazed. At least until that friend told her that we weren't the same person. My teacher was Funny that I remember most of the grades my kids are starting that year and for some reason am totally blanking on his name. I'm sure Stacey will let me know what it is.

I realize that I was rambling a bit there. Obviously since the title of this post doesn't technically mention school starting. Just got caught up with reminiscing a little. That and I've had fun the past few days in changing some of the words to the theme song for Phineas and Ferb to tease the kids about school starting again. Jimmy joined in with making up new words to it today. Mostly because we ended a mostly lazy summer with a very busy day.

This morning the kids went to a surprise birthday party for their cousin, Rebecca. There were kiddie swimming pools involved. They had a blast. It looked like a fun party for the kids there.

As much as they were looking forward to going to the party, they were looking more forward to what we had planned after the party. So much so that they weren't really happy that we made them wait a little while.

Remember back in June when I made the cake for the Summer Picnic for IHH and won a prize? Well, to refresh your memory, that prize was 4 passes to Cherry Hill. We decided to finally use them today. The kids didn't want to leave when we finally made them leave. They were having fun. Dylan had gotten cold enough that he was shivering and his lips were blue. Emma's lips were blue too, but she hadn't started shivering yet. No, that started later when Russ headed to the car with Dylan and Lys while Jimmy, Emma, Molly and I went on the rapids float ride thing. Jimmy really wanted them to try it. Not so sure Emma enjoyed it. Jimmy didn't really either. Jimmy and Emma held onto each other's tubes so they would stay together. Only right at the top of a tunnel part, Emma's flipped over, sending her off into the water. The current pushed Jimmy and Emma's tube down the tunnel so he couldn't stop to help her. Someone did help her get out. I had been holding onto Molly's tube and we were ahead of them, so I couldn't help, either. As soon as we knew Emma was fine and out, we tried to get through it as quickly as possible. Jimmy felt bad. He thought it was somehow his fault. I told him I saw several people flip in their tubes with no one around, so it happens. Emma didn't seem bothered by it. But I doubt she will go on it again for a while. Other than that, the kids really did have a great time. I did take the camera there. Then decided I didn't want to risk dropping it in the water and left it in the locker with the diaper bag. Which is why I have no pictures.

After we left, we decided to go out to eat at the Dylan's restaurant by us. I like that they have English chips there. Decided I should have gotten a large order when I made the mistake of letting the kids try one. I'll have to remember that for next time. It was a nice way to end the day.


Stacey said...

We had Mr. Walker for the 5th grade.

And what's Dylan's restaurant?

Cindy said...

Ah, that's right. I was only coming up with Winter and knew that was wrong. Dylan's is a fast food restaurant. Sometimes it is called Warrens. It was just funny to hear Emma call it Dillard's because they all call Dylan Dillard sometimes.