Friday, April 3, 2009

Jimmy's belated SEP Conference

I went over to the school late yesterday afternoon to have a quick SEP Conference since his teacher had been out sick when they were originally scheduled. I've got to admit, I enjoy his more than I do Emma's. His teacher had nothing but good to say about Jimmy. Said he always checks to see what he is in charge of doing for the day and gets it done and that he's always happy and gets his work done. I was good. I didn't stop and ask if we were talking about the same child here.

Okay, I didn't really want to ask that question. It did flash through my mind briefly and I chuckled to myself, but he really is a good kid. I was thinking last night that I really ought to tell him how I appreciate how he goes to bed when we tell him to. I was thinking this after 2 hours of fighting his sisters to go to sleep. We will give them a snack and drink at bedtime if they go right to bed. They've gotten the drink the past few nights but have lost the snack. And story from their dad (who, by the way, can be quite creative in the stories he makes up for them. They still occasionally talk about the story he made up involving the Kool-Aid man). For some reason they think it's okay to play and chatter away to each other instead of going to sleep. Makes me wonder if I should let them stay up a little longer before bed. I'd just get them up earlier, but I would have to get up earlier and I'm not really a morning person.

Anyway, back to the conference...Jimmy's teacher went on about how talented he is with writing and figures he'll be good in drama as he gets older, too. Jimmy told me earlier that she had said to him that if he's not a writer when he grows up, he'll surely be an actor. He reads his stories very well in class.

After the conference, Jimmy and I went over to the new Dick's Market. There was quite a line at the bakery. I was afraid I wouldn't get the eclairs I was after. But I was able to get some. I also figured that since my birthday is coming up, I could get myself a cake. And so I did. For some reason Russ and Jimmy think we need to wait until it's actually my birthday to eat it though. I'm thinking we should just eat it now. Don't you?


Jared and Lisa said...

I wouldn't let cake just sit around, and since it's for your birthday and they didn't get it, you should be able to say when it gets consumed. :) Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Monica said...

I agree! I think that since it is your cake for your birthday you can eat it now. Didn't someone once say that you cant let a perfectly good cake go to waste? Just say that you are following that rule. Happy Birthday Soon!!!

Mike and Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!!!