Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This past weekend we watched a friend's (Monica) dog, Hope while they went out of town for a wedding. Jimmy was very excited. Actually, all of my kids were excited. Except for Dylan, who was somewhat afraid of her (which I thought was kind of funny since Xena was much bigger than Hope). Jimmy slept over at my parent's the night before with two of his cousins. I have never seen my girls rush out the door so quickly to leave to go back home as they did when we went to pick him up. They were excited to get back to play with Hope. And that's what they did almost the entire time she was here. My kids never played with Xena like they did Hope, but that's mostly because Xena was old and wouldn't play long, if at all. Sure, she'd play tug-of-war with me, but never would with the kids.

This first picture is of Jimmy playing with Hope. Actually, I think she stopped playing for a minute for a break. My kids really wore her out.
These next two are of Lys playing with Hope. Hope really seemed to like to run down the hall with Lys. Especially with her rope. Lys would have one end, Hope would have the other and they would run up and down the hall.

Monica and Michael were very nice and gave the girls a little stuffed animal dog and bubbles and Jimmy a stuffed animal husky (he keeps saying how he wants a husky, which is one reason he was excited to watch Hope) and a mini rosebush for me for watching Hope. Made for an entertaining weekend.

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Monica said...

I'm really glad that everyone had a wonderful time. I am also surprised that your kids actually wore Hope out because that is not a easy thing to do. Normally she is the one that wears us out. I think that it is funny that Dylan was scared of Hope when she is smaller but maybe he knew how much more energy she had then Xena too. I'm glad that Jimmy liked his gift and the girls theirs too. Hopefully the bubbles didn't make to much of a sticky mess for you.