Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend stuff...

Russ and I have had a busy weekend. Well, slightly busier for me than for Russ, but who's counting? It was a good weekend. Except for the whole car thing, but I'll get to that.

Friday I had a girl's night out. Russ had me take Dylan claiming that Dylan doesn't like him. Just because there have been a couple of nights when Dylan hasn't settled down and I take him and he cuddles up and goes to sleep doesn't mean he doesn' t like him... My friend, Lisa, also had her baby there. Her baby is two weeks old. Putting them side by side made me realize how much Dylan has grown.

Anyway, at the girl's night out, we picked up some Chinese food and watched a movie then sat around and chatted. We usually play a round or two of contact rummy but didn't this time. Had fun talking about books we've read or haven't read.

The picture here is of Ruby in her carseat next to Dylan in his. (For those who may not know and are interested, Ruby has an older brother who also has a heart defect. He has HLHS.)

While I was at my girl's night out, Russ had taken the other kids over to the dollar theater to see Kung Fu Panda. He called me while he was there. Said he had seen maybe a half hour of the movie. Kids would want something or need to go to the bathroom. If you ask the kids, they enjoyed the movie. Not quite sure Russ could give you an answer other than, "The parts I saw.."

I thought he would walk over to the movie since it's so close, but he drove. I know this because when I got home he asked me if we needed the car in the morning. I said we did. He said, "Here's the thing," and proceeded to tell me how when he got in the car to go home, it wouldn't start. Ended up walking home with various children freaking out that they were leaving the car there.

Saturday morning, Russ and Jimmy had practice for the Savior of the World play that they are in (performing Oct. 10th and 11th at 6:30 at the Davis High Auditorium for those interested...). On the way home Russ stopped to see if he could get the car to jump start. Nothing. Great. And we had a sealing to go to. That we needed to leave right away for so we could take the kids to their grandparent's for tending. So I sent a text to Mom asking if she could come up and get the kids. They came and we were rushing. I thought for sure we were going to miss the sealing because we were going to be late. But apparently John and Tina know Russ. They had told us 11:00 when the sealing was actually at 11:30. So when we got there right at 11, we weren't late. I had been worried since I knew they like you to be there a half hour early.

The sealing was really nice. There's not much nicer than watching parents get sealed in the temple to their child for eternity. Thanks for inviting us.

After the sealing we went to Olive Garden with my parents for lunch. Side note here...make sure you order a pint of Alfredo dipping sauce for the breadsticks...yum...oh, exploding diaper, be right back....Okay, looking at the last things I wrote, really bad combination there. Ah, well. After eating, we went and bought a blessing outfit for Dylan while Russ and Dad looked at the car to see if they could figure out what was wrong. Turned out that the connector cord for the battery had corroded through.

Later, I went with Jo to my stake's dinner thing before the Relief Society General Conference. I enjoyed it. Laughed that the theme for the dinner was Italian and they even had breadsticks from Olive Garden. No dipping sauce though.

Sunday was my ward's Primary program. The kids really wanted to go and participate, so I planned on letting Russ go to the blessing of John and Tina's baby while I went to our ward. I think the car breaking down helped him decide that he would just go to our ward instead.

Well, that is basically the bulk of what happened for the weekend. Been a busy few days. Kind of nice to not have anything today.

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