Saturday, September 20, 2008

School Carnival

Thursday was the school's yearly carnival. They always have a bunch of activities. Of course, the kids all had a favorite. It was the big inflatable obstacle course they had. They went on that one several times. For a while Jimmy was off with a friend, which is why he isn't in many of the pictures we took. The girls also got their faces painted. They had a few of the 6th graders doing the face painting. My advice would be if they decide to do that again, have an adult there to supervise. They were doing a lot of playing around so the line didn't move very quickly. They would also let friends go right to the front of the line. Just seemed like they needed a little bit of supervision.

Being someone who watches too much tv, the only thing I was sad about going to the carnival is it meant I missed the season premiere of Smallville, and the first part of the season premiere of Supernatural. The season finale of Burn Notice was on at the same time as Supernatural, but they replayed that later the same night, so I wasn't worried about that one (except that I managed to fall asleep for the last 20 minutes of it. Good thing Mom recorded it for me so I can go back and watch it sometime). Okay, probably could have left his paragraph off and could easily delete it, but that's okay.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the carnival:

The three girls starting on the obstacle course. Lys got through to the part where they climb before sliding down the big slide and stopped. Someone had to go help her. Later when Jimmy was back with us, he helped her so it was better.
The girls standing in line.
Lys got to the top of a another inflatable slide and just sat there bouncing. Didn't want to slide down.
Emma and Molly getting ready to slide down.
Lys laying on the grass while in line to go again.
Jimmy, Emma, and Lys climbing.

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