Friday, September 5, 2008

Various pictures

I thought I would add a few more pictures today. I could break them up into a few posts, but figured I might as well combine them into one. After all, it's the 5th of September and this is my 5th post for the month. Really don't need to have more posts in the month than there have been days. :)

These first few are from going bowling for a retirement party for Keith. Everyone had fun. Even Jimmy, but he might not tell you that because Lys got a higher bowling score than he did, thanks to the bumpers.
Russ helped the girls most of the time. Made it nicer for me. :)

This one shows Russ taking his turn at the same time as our niece, Rebecca.
I have a picture like this one of all of the kids. I could probably have several of Russ like this with each of the kids if I really wanted.
This picture of Molly was taken as we were leaving to go to her first day of preschool.
These next two were taken last night when we had Molly's birthday cake. She had a hard time waiting to take off the chalk and chalkboard box. Couldn't quite understand why I told her she had to wait.

I took this one of Dylan this morning after his bath. Tried to show how red his hair looks right after baths. He's 5 weeks old today. Man, that time has really flown by.

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