Saturday, September 13, 2008

Molly's party

Molly had her birthday party today. Just a small one. In fact, only one friend was able to go, but she still had a blast. Jimmy invited a friend to go too. We went to the "castle park" to let them play and then ate cake. I brought along what I had left of the balloons to make balloon animals. Wasn't surprised when I had a crowd of kids wanting one. Actually, I kind of planned on it. My balloons were getting older and they pop easier when they get old and so I was hoping kids would ask for some so I could empty out my supply. Really should find my books and learn how to make more than a hat, a snake, a dog, and a sword. Ah, well. Anyway, here are the pictures Russ took.


Caden said...

I have awarded you a brainy blog award! Check my blog for directions. :)


megan said...

Glad my kids could make it to your party. Sorry about the drama of it. I spaced it as usual. How fun of you to make all those balloon animals.