Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Wet Mess

Sometimes I really should listen to my little thoughts that tell me I really should go see what Molly and Lys are doing. Take yesterday morning, for example. I get online in the mornings for a bit and they are usually down with me watching tv for a moment and staying right next to me for a minute, etc. Not so yesterday. They decided to play upstairs while I was online. I kept thinking that I should check and see what they are doing. When I finally did, I regretted not checking earlier.

The first thing I saw when I came upstairs was not something they did, however. This one was the dog, who had decided that knocking over the garbage can and spreading most of it through the kitchen was a good idea. Really don't know why. There wasn't anything in the garbage that she would have wanted and her food bowl was full. So I stopped and cleaned that up. Then I stepped into the hall.

I could hear Molly and Lys talking happily and saw that half of the water was out of Jimmy's fish tank and the dragon figure that went in it was sitting on the dresser next to it. On the floor (besides a little bit of the water from the tank) were some cough drop wrappers and the cough drops that had been in the wrappers. Along with a couple of other things they pulled out of the hall closet. I immediately said, "Girls! We do not do this!" and sat and thought I spend way too much time online (of course, you notice I'm back online...but this time Lys is on my lap).

Lys stepped out of her bedroom and said, "We just wanted to hold the fish." In her hands was a cough drop wrapper that she was using to hold one of the guppies from Jimmy's tank. I had her quickly put it back in the tank and noticed that they had also dumped out all of the fish food. Where, I still haven't quite figured out. Some of it went into the tank. Haven't found what happened to the rest yet.

While I was explaining to Lys that the fish will die if we take them out of the tank, Molly came over and said she was sorry too and would catch the baby one and put it back. That was when I discovered what happened to the missing water from the tank.

I saw that Molly and Lys had taken the lid to one of the big rubber containers I have for the kids for their toys and had it on the floor in the bathroom. Using a different toy, they had taken some of the water from the tank, along with some of the rocks and filled up the lid. Swimming happily (well, it might have been more of a panicked swim) in the water on the lid was the baby guppy. I took the toy they used to get the water and carefully scooped up the baby fish with some water and put it back in the tank. I dumped the lid full of water into the toilet. Really could have been worse. Some of the water spilled off the lid as I moved it, but for the most part, they kept things generally dry.

The fish tank water is quite murky today. Wonder what they put in it that I didn't notice.


Stacey said...

That's pretty funny from here. I think I'm glad we don't have fish. I'm positive my boys would have thought up that one at one point or another if we did. And cleaning up after the dog is bad enough.

gsd4de said...

That's awesome. Makes my day of Dom deciding to "play doctor" by peeing in a drinking cup, fairly tame. :)