Saturday, April 5, 2008

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, as you are probably aware. The celebration for it started the day before when Russ and I decided to take the kids to a pizza buffet after picking up his car from the mechanic (I hate cars by the way. Especially ones that end up costing us a lot of money by needing to go in 3 times in about as many weeks). Jimmy complained a little about going to the pizza place because he really wanted us to have spaghetti for dinner. The complaints didn't last all that long though. Except that the one we went to wasn't as fun as the one we had gone to when we were in St. George. I do think Jimmy was very happy that he beat me at a game of air hockey.

Yesterday morning Stacey tried to call me at 8:45 (which was the time I was born) to wish me a happy birthday and gloat that for the next 5 minutes I was older than her, but I was gone taking the kids to school. I called her back when I got home and she tried to play the Cracker song, "Happy Birthday to me" but I couldn't hear it well so she emailed it to me. That is one song that Stacey and I tend to sing to each other every year on our birthday. Just because of the chorus. "Happy, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. And to you." Yes, we are weird, but we find it fun to sing on our birthday. Especially being twins.

Russ had been planning on taking a lot of laundry over to the laundromat after we ate to dry them because our dryer has decided to stop working again. Only by the time he got over there, it had closed. Which actually turned out to be fine, because we still needed to return my dad's convertible we had borrowed for Russ to drive while his car was in the shop. We decided that after Jimmy got out of school, I would drive down with the laundry and dry the clothes at my parent's house and he would meet me there after work and bring back the convertible then. Sue had offered (very nicely, by the way) to tend the kids for us so we could go out last night for my birthday so we needed to be down that way anyway. Actually, she offered to have Madison tend the kids for us. Which Madison was very happy to do and seemed very proud of herself for her tending. I think it helped that when we got to her house and she came out to help get the kids in, Lys actually went to her from me and let her take her in the house.

After dropping the kids off, Russ and I went to Robintino's for dinner. I wasn't sure if I wanted somewhere like that or China Star or whatnot, but decided on Robintino's because Jo had called me earlier in the day to see if I wanted to meet them for lunch there and I wasn't able to. Got the taste of their little breadsticks that they give you as you look at your menu stuck in my mouth. On a Friday night, I was surprised we got in and out of there so fast. We got out fast enough that we had time to run over to the movie theater and make it just after the previews to see the movie Leatherheads. I liked the movie and would recommend it to others. It made me laugh.

Today Russ went to the store after the morning session of General Conference and bought some clothes for me for my birthday. The three oldest kids were playing with friends and Lys was sick (sorry Sue), so he didn't take any of them with him like he had planned. Lyssa's being sick also changed his plans for going to the Priesthood session with his dad and brothers. Russ doesn't know how to get to his parent's new place (I've been the one who has driven there) and decided he really should call a guy he home teaches who has recently started going back to church and invite him. So he ended up going with this guy. Actually, he offered to pick Russ up and take him to it when Russ called. Russ said he may go to Pace's after and get some ice cream, so I decided I shouldn't wait for him to eat some of my birthday cake with the kids. Yes, I ordered myself a birthday cake. Was really quite tempted to have them write on it, "Happy birthday to me," but changed my mind as I was ordering it. Russ had offered to make a cake for me, so I thought I should just have the usual birthday greeting on the cake. Almost wish I had done it though.

Man, I didn't realize when I started this post that it would be such a long, rambling post about my birthday. Should have known better. While I'm not the level of rambler that De is, I sure do try to get there it seems.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Cindy! I hope you had a great day!

Meg&CC said...

It sounds like you had a pretty good birthday, hope that you enjoyed it. If you need a dryer, you are welcome anytime. We are usually home after 4. Happy, happy birthday!!