Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Saturday activity

This past Saturday we got together with Russ' family since Will was in town and attempted a family group photo. After which we had a little lunch and a belated Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was really cold out, so I was glad we had it at Dave and Michelle's house and didn't have to spend the whole time outside. Yes, I am a wimp. Of course, it probably wouldn't have felt so bad had I actually worn a coat. But come on, who actually thinks to wear a coat when it was only snowing a little? As you can probably tell in the following pictures, certainly not my kids. Well, Lys had a coat because she had a short sleeved shirt.

These first few pictures are in order of the opening of the back door to let the kids out to find the eggs. Well, as best of order as I could get with my camera. Tends to hesitate a bit to actually take the picture. I was kind of surprised the kids didn't come out all in a bunch and actually came out in a line.
Yes, Jimmy was the first one out.
If you look close on the left side of the picture, you can see that Sadie was next, followed by Emma and then Maddie.
Who was then followed by Molly.
Ethan and Josh were next. I'm sure Rebecca was in there somewhere. Probably got out earlier.
Russ helped Lyssa out.
Russ, Linda, Josh and Lys looking for eggs. Okay, Russ and Linda watching them look.
Jimmy about to grab an egg.
Emma rushing to find more.
Molly getting an egg.
This last picture was actually taken before the hunt began. Lyssa had been pushing Molly in the swing but Russ didn't get there in time with the camera.

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