Saturday, April 26, 2008


You may recall my earlier post about winning contests and how I won a Shrek mug. Well, the radio station I listen to the most has had a contest where people would email in their guesses as to when they think they would play their one millionth song (R.E.M.'s It's The End of the World as we Know it). They gave a certain time frame to make the guesses in. I picked a random date and time figuring I would be way off.

Apparently I was wrong about being way off. I got an email today from the radio station informing me that I was one of the 101 closest guesses and that I should go to Legacy Mazda on Friday, May 2nd for their celebration when they announce the name of the person who had the closest guess. The email said that the person must be there in order to win the Miata. I think I should at least try to be there. How often do you have odds like that to win a car? Probably won't win, but could be fun anyway.

Russ grinned when I told him about the email and asked me what color I would pick for his car. Says I wouldn't be able to drive it with the kids, so it would be winning a car for him. He has a point there, but it would still be my car. After all, he has a car.


gsd4de said...

If you win it, I have a lovely suburban that I'll trade you straight across. :) I will then have a great reason for not taking my kids with me everywhere, and I'm not opposed to making 7 trips to get everyone to church. We are never on time anyway. :-D

Stacey said...

So are you going to let me drive it if you win? :)

Meg&CC said...

This means my guess was way off, but of course being that they said the end date to guess to was Memorial Day and my b-day is right there, that is what I went with. Good Luck, we will be hoping for you!! Let me know if you need help with your kids on Friday.