Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doctor appointment ramblings

I know it hasn't been the case for every single doctor appointment I've had with pregnancies, but with a good number of them, it has been stormy on the day of my appoinment. It didn't click for me over the week as I would watch the weather reports and see that it was supposed to be stormy today that it would be stormy (yet again) for my doctor appointment I had. It was when I looked out this morning and saw that the ground was wet that I thought of it. Especially when it started to snow. And then I laughed.

Last month it snowed in the morning before my appointment. The month before that, well, I don't exactly remember. I do remember snow being on the ground and looking at the clouds through the windows in the waiting room. But I do remember commenting about how it seemed to always be stormy for my appointments starting with Jimmy. Then it continued with the others. It stormed the night before Emma was born, even. But I guess that is one nice thing about having a baby in the summer. Gets so I don't have to wonder if I'm going to be all-powerful again and it will snow the day of my apppointment.

One thing I do like about my doctor is I usually don't have to wait long. When I got there today, his receptionist told me he was out delivering a baby but should be back in a few minutes. I actually think this was my fastest appointment this time around. I really didn't wait long at all. Just not really looking forward to my next appointment. My next appointment is the one that I "get" to do the glucose test and get the rhogam shot.

Going to be a long few months that I have left though. I told Molly I had my doctor appointment and she asked, "To get the baby out?" Maybe I'll break down and do what Mom suggested and make a calendar for them so they stop asking when the baby is going to come out. Although I should start practicing saying "Leave the baby alone" now. Stopped and ate lunch at Crown Burger after the appointment. Some people in the booth next to us had a baby. Emma wouldn't eat her food because she was too interested in the baby. Got home and said she was hungry.

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